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Sigurd is powerfull Django project configuration tool.
Django 1.3 brings class-based views, Sigurd brings class-based settings
With order we bring abilities!

Sigurd is our project at DjangoDash 2011 (#13th placeCool) !

With Sigurd you're able to simply create:

  • Application configurations

    Your app settings now stored in class. Urls are there too.
    You have an ability to create settings that are dependant on default ones (e.g. STATIC_URL).
    And you are able to extend / re-order / override default settings (e.g. INSTALLED_APPS)

  • Application profiles

    One Django app could have infinite amount of configs (or we may call it - profiles)
    and you may use all of them in one project.

  • Project configurations

    Your project may have own settings and urls, even if you don't use any application.
    And you're free to extend / re-order / override default settings too.

  • Project profiles

    Same as app configs, there could be many project configs for one project.
    And you can switch them simply through the --settings option.

Used technologies

  • Web framework
    • Django
  • VCS
    • Git
  • Testing
    • Unit tests