About Us

The Internet can and must be closer to people. And now everything is in our hands. Our decisions bring more profit because we are focused on the end user and customer's business goals. We are productive, because we use Django, modern Python web-framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

DjangoDash 2012 - 3rd place!We recruit to our team only the best professionals and our associates. We try to make our work pleasant for ourselves and for the customer. We are constantly developing, exploring latest innovative trends and fundamentals of web-development.

Open mind, innovation and talent - this is us! :-) Every project is our child, we love it and proud of it!

Django outsourcing

We are specialized in Django/Web projects design and development.
And we could become YOUR developers! We are best if you have:

  • Startup (when you need energy, creativity and quick delivery).
  • Complex hi-loaded project (when architectural mistakes cost a lot).
  • Hard software delivery schedule.
  • Project/Startup idea and you need to make it real.

Support and enhancement included. We prefer long-term cooperation.


Website creation for your business needs - client-oriented, unique, no templates, no briefs or wireframes required. We will do it for you!

What exactly we do:

  • Deep analysis (our strength!).
  • Design and development.
  • Best results (for your business and customers).
  • Communication with pleasure.
  • Support and hosting.

We will give you more than a site!