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Websites we build from scratch, including sales, business analysis, concept, UI interaction design, graphical design, development, hosting and support. Django batteries included, of course!

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    BogushTime Technologies

    BogushTime Technologies is a leader among training companies, specializes on time-management that helps to set and achieve goals. This is a very popular subject today, especially for those who are engaged in business. The company is constantly evolving, covering all most of the potential audience, offering new seminars and trainings. The founder of the studio, Lyudmila Bogush, is one of the best coaches in Ukraine, the creator of patented organizer BogushBook.

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    O'Brien's Irish Pub

    This is the website of the O'Brien's Irish Pub located in Kiev, Ukraine. What is so special about this site?

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    Sugar Union "UKRROS"

    Sugar Union UKRROS was one of the leaders on the sugar market in Ukraine (12%). Its assets included seven largest sugar refineries, more than 100 thousands hectares of land and diversified portfolio of agricultural products.

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    Benatov & Partners Agency

    This is the website of the Ukrainian Patent Attorney Benatov Daniel and Partners.
    Goal of the site is to bring to people information about this Patent Agency and its services. And also to give some knowledge about patents.
    Target audience: businessman in Ukraine and all over the world.

    It is one of our first web-projects. Check out what we have made!