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Benatov & Partners Agency

This is the website of the Ukrainian Patent Attorney Benatov Daniel and Partners.
Goal of the site is to bring to people information about this Patent Agency and its services. And also to give some knowledge about patents.
Target audience: businessman in Ukraine and all over the world.

It is one of our first web-projects. Check out what we have made!

Site is not very complex but not very simple. Here are some of its features.

Professional Graphical Design

Graphical design should be fresh but also good for businessman. We think that we've got it! (see above)

Internationalization (i18n)

We have made the website in 4 languages. Advanced tools and Django add-ons used:

  • gettext
  • django-rosetta
  • django-modeltranslation + tabbed layout + Google translation API
  • django-localeurl

Services Guide

Don't know which service to choose? We've implemented special guide to help you:

Service Details

Website visitor should find as much information about the service as possible!

Here you can see:

In the Tabs:
Description, Prices, Special Services and FAQ

In the Sidebar:

Service Option -
what is your citizenship and in what country
do you want to apply the service? 

Documents required from you.

Steps of the service execution.
Each step duration.

Result documents.

The Team

You (as businessman) should be confident about the Agency. That's why we show the Team:

Little Website's Secret

Our website has a little secret - The Theme Switcher! Try to find it!

P. S.

That's all, goals reached, customer is happy, website works!

BTW, sorry for all screenshots in Russian.

Used technologies

  • Web framework
    • Django
  • Front-End
    • jQuery
  • UI design
    • Interaction Design
    • Evolus Pencil
  • VCS
    • Subversion
  • Internationalization
    • django-localeurl
    • django-modeltranslation
    • django-rosetta
  • Admin site tools
    • django-tinymce
    • django-filebrowser
  • Database
    • PostgreSQL
  • DB migrations
    • South
  • Web server
    • Nginx