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O'Brien's Irish Pub

This is the website of the O'Brien's Irish Pub located in Kiev, Ukraine. What is so special about this site?

Look and Feel

I want to ask: what is the most important thing in True Irish Pub? What distinguish it from other cafe, pubs or restaurants?
And I will answer: a spirit of fun, amusement, Ireland! So it's important to show the Ireland at our website, more the better!

Let's see how we have handled this task (comparison of the Spirit of Ireland and our Web Site):

Walk through the website

Here is the detailed overview. Step by step.

What is in the header?

At the left side you can find language switcher (in an amusing Irish style):
"Вздрогнем!" - Russian, "Будьмо!" - Ukrainian,  "Cheers" - English languages.

There is also placed contacts of the pub.
It is very important to show contacts at visible place at all website pages!

At the right side - today's events of the pub. Highlighted is happening right now, hurry!
We think that this information has the same importance as the contacts has.


"Show on the map" - click it and you will see how to get to the pub! By the way, the map is adopted for current locale (Rus, Ukr, Eng) - Yandex or Google Maps.

Below the header

Next you can see one of our website features - interactive map of the pub (view from the inside). Hover on any table and you'll see its number and capacity (number of sits).

Two floors maps are available. There are also features of the pub marked on this map (e.g. Photo-Wall, another killer-feature of this website).

At the right side - trumps of the pub! - to let you know why O'Brien's is better than the others! (and notice free Wi-Fi zone!)


We have chosen next entities of the pub to describe - Beer, Food, Bar, Photos, Events, Stuff...

We made the website to give both information (map, contacts, features) and practical usage (bar, food, "view from the inside") for the site visitor.

We are sure that you will find out all this stuff at the site! But we just can't not tell you about the beer...

Beer at the site

Here it is! We have decided to give you much more than just a beer name and its price!


Beer is divided into 2 categories: draught and bottled. Why do I go to the pub? To taste a pint of some fresh draught beer! That's why it goes at the first place.

Below the categories you will find beer filter by color (or by type). For example, gourmet would be interested to taste best "Red" or "Unfiltered" beer.

Here is also for gourmets: in what country the beer was brewed?

This info is connected with beer filter. Usability for all who loves the beer!

In addition (without the screenshot this time) we show what dishes are best fits for the chosen beer. So you can simply make your choice in food and drinks even before getting into the pub!


Few words about one of the most innovative features at this website - photo-wall: "drag" the wall with the mouse to see all the photos!

Beautiful, amusing, with the Spirit of Ireland :)

Actually most of work here is made for good management of photos at the wall (the stuff that is not visible for the site visitors):

We even have moved the results into the open-source project:
If you're interested in its development and growth - just let us know, we will not argue about good collaborator or humble donation.

That's it, now you can see why we are proud of this project!

P. S. Enjoy the Spirit of Ireland!

Used technologies

  • Web framework
    • Django
  • Front-End
    • jQuery
    • Google Maps API
    • Yandex Maps API
    • HTML4 / CSS2
    • Semantic Slicing
  • UI design
    • Interaction Design
    • Evolus Pencil
  • VCS
    • Subversion
  • Internationalization
    • django-localeurl
    • django-modeltranslation
  • Admin site tools
    • django-tinymce
    • django-filebrowser
  • Database
    • PostgreSQL
  • DB migrations
    • django-evolution
  • Web server
    • Nginx
  • Cache
    • Memcached