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BogushTime Technologies

BogushTime Technologies is a leader among training companies, specializes on time-management that helps to set and achieve goals. This is a very popular subject today, especially for those who are engaged in business. The company is constantly evolving, covering all most of the potential audience, offering new seminars and trainings. The founder of the studio, Lyudmila Bogush, is one of the best coaches in Ukraine, the creator of patented organizer BogushBook.

We have investigated BogushTime business model and have identified these goals for the site to realize:

  • fully describe and promote trainings
  • sell trainings
  • make the site simple and intuitive for busy people
  • show the authority of the studio
  • site should be interesting for the visitor
  • reflect the corporate style in the graphic design

Website features that we are specially proud of!

Site structure

We have designed the site with the help of Interaction Design (+ our own secret methods), which makes it useful for key categories of visitors. Let's see what site offer for several user types.


He came first time to the site
and think if it worth to use provided services


He want to come to some particular training

Loyal site user

He is a regular blog reader interested in self-development and management, sometimes require help and assistance

Trainings guide

The company is helping clients to achieve goals, goals are personal. So, website should provide a way to select best training for personal goals of the visitor. Let's look what we did.

Pictures "before and after" in the description of the training

Good visual information a person perceives faster and easier than text. Ho we can provide such a thing for a training? Our solution - pictures "Before and After." Here are the samples for the training "Time Management and Delegation".

BogushBook store

BogushBook is a beautiful patented personal organizer. It's used by thousands of people and, of course, needs a special place on the site.


There is a place (and time) on the site, where everyone can ask a question to company trainers. For example, this one (sorry, it's in Russian, but it's about how to teach husband to put out the garbage everyday Smile)

Ratings and social integration

Social networks is a PR booster. That's inside our site of course.

Fast forward progress

BogushTime company constantly generates lots of ideas to improve the site and we love it! As you can see below site has already 3.5 version. So, you can expect new features in a nearest future!

Previous versions

3.0 - Re-design 2011-02-16

2.0 - Main page redesign 2010-06-12

We've got a goal to improve main page to make more useful.

1.0 - First release - 2010-02-16

0.5 - Promo - 2010-01-10

We've started works on the main site, but it require 1,5 month to release. Company needed minimal site with contacts and trainings schedule. That one was done very quickly and beautifully. We are proud of it, its one of our best solutions. Meet it in our history.

0.1 - Pre-promo - 2009-12-10

We had to make a quick version (several hours of work) to be able to use on a New Year post cards, this is it!

Used technologies

  • Web framework
    • Django
  • Front-End
    • jQuery
    • Google Maps API
    • Ajax
    • HTML4 / CSS2
  • UI design
    • Interaction Design
    • Evolus Pencil
  • Search
    • django-haystack
    • Whoosh
  • VCS
    • Subversion
    • Mercurial
  • Ratings
    • django-ratings
  • Admin site tools
    • django-tinymce
    • django-filebrowser
    • django-admin-tools
  • Database
    • PostgreSQL
  • DB migrations
    • South
  • Web server
    • Nginx
  • Cache
    • Memcached
  • Tags
    • django-tagging